• cruelty free

    Radiate products are never tested on animals

  • Gluten Free

    Our ingredients do not contain gluten or gluten byproducts

  • vegan

    We never use animal products or animal-derived GMOs

  • fragrance free

    Our products are free of any synthetic fragrance materials

what everyone is saying

5 star feedback

"I'm obsessed with the 'You Made Me Blush Pigment Stick'! The texture and color is just perfect for my skin tone. I love that is a cream stick and doesn't make a dust mess in my purse on the go. Definitely my new favorite blush!"


"I am loving the Starlight Luminizing Gloss! Most glosses I try are sticky and I hate it, but this I love!"

Kirby L.

“I love pairing the Rose Colored Glasses blush with the Golden Aura highlight! It brightens up my whole look and gives me a glow that lasts all day long!"

Mara P.

“I loveeee it! My boyfriend without even knowing was like I love the sparkly stuff on your cheeks! It is all so perfect!"

Ellie T.

there's a meaning behind

every product

  • Creating Radiate

    Radiate embodies our mission to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Work hard on YOU and let the world watch you glow. When you grow, so does everything around you.

  • Glow Away

    Feel empowered to use your voice and say "glow away" to anyone or anything that doesn't bring you light.

  • Golden Aura

    Trust your intuition and let yourself be the truest version of you. Let your powerful aura shine always.

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    Find authenticity in the truth. Have the courage to paint your picture without the rose colored glasses on.

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