• Hello!

    The Radiate Collection is truly my baby. When I first started putting this collection together I found myself in a very dark place personally. In many ways I have grown up and found self love over the last two years, throughout the process of creating Radiate by Amanda. Every element of the brand celebrates the journey that I, and so many of us, have been on in some way. The products I created along with the colors and names chosen represent the strength, independence and courage it takes to advocate for yourself and your dreams. This whole brand and experience has been made possible by strong, independent women from every avenue. The Radiate Collection empowers its users to feel beautiful from the inside out. Every product's purpose is to bring out the natural life and glow from the skin. There are no limits with these products. I hope people feel inspired to be creative and make each look their own. I want to remind everyone to Radiate the things that make them unique- be the brightest version of you! XO, Amanda Pavillard

Behind the brand

  • who

    Radiate by Amanda was founded and created by Amanda Pavillard, alongside her sisters Tori and Caley-Rae. Radiate by Amanda is a brand from the heart, centered around family and community.
  • what

    Radiate by Amanda creates high quality cosmetics that are formulated with top of the line ingredients and the highest standards of health & safety. All products are vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free and gluten free.
  • when

    The creation of Radiate By Amanda started in early 2020 and continued its development through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Production first began in late 2021 and Radiate had its first launch in April 2022.
  • Where

    The Radiate by Amanda brand was founded and developed in Los Angeles, CA. All products are created, manufactured and imported from Barzanò, Italy.
  • why

    Amanda's goal is to provide high quality makeup that is conscious and inclusive. Each Radiate by Amanda product is meant to empower the user. Radiate by Amanda products go beyond the surface of traditional cosmetics and aim to make a bigger impact and influence.